The Arab Society for Intellectual Property (ASIP) relaunched on May 5,2019, an exciting initiative aiming at highlighting Arab trademarks worldwide.

A special committee prepared a questionnaire that was circulated to all communication channels via an independent dedicated,ASIP’s website, news websites, social networks (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn), as well as various other media, in order to reflect as broad public opinion in the Arab countries as possible (business sectors, chambers of commerce and industry, associations, professional unions, universities, and others).

All information was collected and analyzed electronically to compile two lists: the first to include the most famous Arab trademarks in general, and the other containing the most famous Arab trademarks by sector.   

Voting for the famous trademarks using the questionnaire was held from the first of May till the end of July 2019. In addition, 5 laptop awards will be granted according to specific standards to those who have completed the questionnaire.

A specific minimum number of votes was set for a trademark to be considered famous , and a trademark must obtain votes in at least five countries. The winning trademarks will be determined on the basis of electronic voting, without any human intervention.

The questionnaire does not allow anyone to vote more than once from the same e-mail address which makes it a very controllable voting process.