We cover all of our clients’ Intellectual Property needs related to trademarks, patents, copyrights and industrial designs and models from registration and prosecution to maintenance, licensing and counseling services in all countries of the world through our long-established global network of associates.
* Qualifications of a registrable trademark:

1.    The mark shall be distinctive, having a distinguishing feature
2.    The mark shall be novel
3.    It shall be legitimate, that is not contrary to public order and morals
* Unregistrable trademarks:

1.    Descriptive Mark: it is a mark that describes or identifies a product or service and only serves to describe the product.
2.    Numbers are not registered as trademarks.
3.    The description or common design is not considered distinctive and therefore may not be registered as a trademark.
4.    Marks that are identical or similar to a trademark owned by someone else.
5.    Signs that represent a national, international or military emblem or symbol.
6.    Religious symbols and emblems.
7.    Red Cross or Red Crescent signs.
8.    Signs that contain a declaration of the quality of the product or service.